Cementitious Fireproofing Industrial Services

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Industrial ServicesCementitious Fireproofing Industrial Services

We understand the complexities of different fire protection systems, and are equipped to assist our clients to make the best choice for their specific projects. Here, we outline what we, as industrial Cementitious fireproofing services, we consider the most effective solutions.

Whether you are looking for Fireproofing applications, or for Industrial Cladding and Liner applications or removals, we have an extremely experienced workforce ready to do the job at your exacting standards. We apply all types of fireproofing; including the standard concrete materials, smooth layup, fire-resistant layup, and dry-firing boards.

What Is the Purpose of Thermal Insulation Coatings

Installed in multiple layers, cementitious fireproofing provides a highly resistant covering to beams, columns, and other structural steel elements. Spiked fibre-based fireproofing is lighter in weight than cementitious products, providing a similar performance.