About Knight Industrial Services

40 Years Of ExcellenceOur Range Of Services.

Knight Industrial Services strives to be radically transparent and adaptable. We pride ourselves on our transparency with our customers and our employees. From the bidding process, to reporting, to billing, we truly see ourselves as a partner with our customers, and share the common goal of a successful project, not maximizing profits. The most common praise from our customer feedback campaigns is our responsiveness and adaptability. This allows us to stay proactive with issues, and solve issues with speed and clarity, resulting in long term solutions instead of band aid fixes.

We are privately held and family owned. The common thread over our 40 year history is we have always taken care of our teammates and customers, because to us, they are all part of the Knight Family. Being privately held ensures we keep that family atmosphere, responsiveness, and ability to continue to give the level of service our customers know and expect. 

KIS has worked diligently over the last several years to develop our very own customized Tech Deck. This Tech Deck is a collection of softwares that full automate together to form a integrated, customized solution. To us at KIS, this is focus on technology is not merely a selling point, but a state of mind. We are constantly looking for ways to improve process, and we know technology is a great tool to leverage to improve process to give our customers unparalleled service. 

Driving innovation within soft craft solutions to build something great.

KIS was 1 of 200 businesses awarded the “2019 Platinum Safety Partner” award out of 72,000 businesses across Texas.

Expert Scaffolding

Trained in the correct erection of scaffolding as well as scaffold user training.

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Abrasive Blasting

Operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface.

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Our Mobile Services

Mobile Units create small footprint and keep your company from exposure to

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Maintenance Services

Corrosion Repairs, Fireproofing, Insulation, Power Washing, Brush & Roll, Parking

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Insulation Services

Thermal insulation coating allow for heat conservation & personnel protection.

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Fireproofing Services

Passive fire protection measure, refers to the act of making materials or structures

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Below Grade Services

Equipment is adversely affected by the “unknown” of what lies beneath the surface

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Capital Projects

50% of our revenue is from capital projects. We have amassed $7 million in revenue over

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High Performance Coatings

Epoxies, novalacs, phenolics, coal tars, & polymers – Zinc’s, epoxies, urethanes, high temps

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Soil to Air Transitions

Area above and below the natural ground level that tends to corrode due to being

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BIO Blasting Cleaning

EPA friendly and with no hazardous waste. This process is great inside a unit where.

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