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Featured in April/May 2021 Build Houston Cover Story

KIS Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Maintenance Contract Spanning from Corpus Christi, Texas to New Orleans, Louisiana

Build Houston - KIS 40 Years Young.

How knight industrial services defines success in business.

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Bio-blast - Less Manpower Greater Productivity

Bio-blast cleaning removes dead paints, stains on galvanized metal and over

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Efficient Multicraft Maintenance Crews

By combining all three crafts, one crew can perform all three services

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Mobile Units Create Small Footprint

Our mobile units create a small working footprint. Our Mobile Units keep your company from

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Pre-Corona Culture

Before this pandemic hit, KIS held quarterly company wide events where teammates could bring their families and get together outside of work. Some of last year's events included a Wave Pool party, a Dynamo soccer game, a Fall Fest, and an Ice Skating Holiday party. At...

Safety Shoutout- Antonio

Antonio Rruz, a KIS Sandblaster, was taping bolts on a 36” flange that was on a live line and noticed a loose bolt. He immediately stopped and got his crew out of the area and notified operations of the finding. Operations halted our work in the area and fixed the...